I've been meaning to update this page for a while now, so that it's a little more relevant to my current status. I'll first explain why the updates are less frequent: I'm usually too busy with work to regularly update, thus I only do so about once a week. I keep meaning to set it up so I can do it daily at work, but I don't have the time to do so. Although when I started the page I was still a student (chemical engineering, doh) I have long since graduated and moved on to real - well, I think it's real - work instead. I spend my days doing audio design and testing at Rockstar North - a great place full of great people - and my evenings with my girlfriend Sarah. Further details of my life in Edinburgh can be gleamed from the day to day entries on the site.

The site won runner up in The Guardian's Blog awards in 2003 in the category of best use of photography and best design categories - which was really great, except for the fact that it knocked over my site within about 30 minutes of the article going up due to excessive bandwidth consumption, although it did push me to finally get a proper hosting package with a real amount of bandwidth.

The photographs they are usually just snaps of what I see around me, I always try to have my digital camera with me wherever I go and take photographs that are visually interesting or important to me socially. I try to keep them different and refreshing, a source of interest for anyone who bumbles onto the site, and hopefully not too pretentious. The older pictures were all taken with my Canon Powershot A40, a now fairly elderly 2MP camera, but recently I got a Canon EOS 350D - 8MP of digital SLR love. It's quite excellent but a pain in the arse to lug around all day. Now all I need is a decent zoom lens and a set of close up filters and we should start seeing some really interesting pictures. For camera reviews I recommend www.dpreview.com and www.steves-digicams.com.

Aside from photography I also love cinema - something that will be apparent if you read the site - especially arthouse and foreign movies, but I'll watch anything at a pinch. I do some reviewing during the Edinburgh International Film Festival on EyeForFilm.co.uk and also spend too much time with the Edinburgh University Film Society.

I'm also quite into my music too; mostly electronic stuff, but also a little bit of everthing else, including classical, jazz, punk. If you like electronic music you should check out my flatmate Pete's website, he records as Greenbank, has a record out on Benbecula, and generally makes very good tunes.

If you want to know anything else about me or comment on a picture feel free to drop me a line at info@camerantics.org.uk. Make sure you stick camerantics in the heading as otherwise you're message will get deleted as spam. I'll probably write a guestbook or simple message board at some point, but until then just mail me.