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tree blur
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tree blur
thursday | 22.12.2005
Sarah is seeing to some bank business so Tom and I drove out into the countryside to visit Buckwicks farm and buy some of their haloed apple dumplings with caramel sauce; they are very tasty and seem to be - after her father's chilli, triscuits and kraft macaroni cheese - her favourite Canadian delicacy. The snow drifts high out of the town some places have delicately blown fluting and some is still eye blisteringly white, unlike most of the rest that has turned a slightly drab and melty grey. At lunchtime we went to Angel's diner - a 50s style place - and had Montreal style smoked meat sandwiches which were almost as tasty - and huge - as the ones that I had at Katz's in NY. Tasty. I also got to try Poutine (pronounced like the Russian president) the delicacy of chips with curds and gravy; it was good in a heartstopping sort of way.

In the afternoon Sarah and I took the GO train to Toronto to do a little light shopping; I ended up purchasing a fine pair of trousers made from a rather funky herringbone tweed from urban outfitters and a very cool snowboarding jacket covered in contoured terrain from a skate place called Noise. Irritatingly I had to pay cash for the jacket as the shop wouldn't accept my card without photo ID so I had to trudge through the snow and find a cash machine.

Later we meet up with Jeff and Eva, two of Sarah's friends of old, and visit their new apartment, which is small but very cool, part of a converted office building with high ceilings and some nice interior stylings. After a wee chat we all head down to a local Thai establishment for a lovely meal - the tornado shrimp (tiger prawns rolled in rice noodles and deep fried) are excellent, as is the paad Thai - and chat for a couple of hours about all facets of modern life. Sarah and I meander back to the train station and ride back to Burlington only to find that there are no taxis available for about 40 minutes, which is a long time when you're standing on the curb, it's less than zero and the wind is howling by. Still, we got home eventually...