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crawford lake folks
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crawford lake folks
saturday | 24.12.2005
Today was a fairly chilled out affair; we were all nursing slight hangovers and decided to take it easy. However this got a little dull after a few hours so we all went to Crawford Lake, a recreation of an Iroquoian Village from the 15th century. It was nice to see some of the history of the area and I enjoyed the tour that took us around the longhouses and told us about the people who would have lived there. We also went for a long walk around the lake itself and slithered around on wooden decking a lot; it was a fine walk in the cold.

In the evening we went to Jay and Naoko's house (just around the corner from the Artt residence) and had more Christmas snacking. We got the chance to see a chocolate fountain in action, one of the tackiest things imaginable; Jay's son Mark had won it in the office raffle before Christmas and we all enjoyed observing just how bad it was. Thanks go to the hosts; a good time and plenty of drink was had by all.