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seasons greetings
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seasons greetings
sunday | 25.12.2005
A very happy yule to you all, and a special picture of my favourite feline based gift this year - the scary mouthless cross-eyed bear. Fear him.

After a substantial breakfast we opened presents with Liam and Kate; I got some cracking gifts - in addition to those that I recieved from my family before we even left the UK - including the new Paul Auster book, a trendy t-shirt, a diary I may actually use, snowpants, travel scrabble, and loads more. Sarah seems very happy with her iPod nano and Tom and Suzanne liked the whisky and chocolates that we got them. After the bonanza of prezzies we went to visit the relatives, first Tom's mother at Sarah's Aunt Connie's - I tried eggnog - and then a whole host of relatives at Suzanne's parents home, including Jen, Brent, Paul and Anita who I remembered from the last visit.

After making our escape we drove back to the house and stuffed ourselves silly with turkey and all the trimmings and then dozed in front of the telly with glasses of whisky until we drifted off to bed several hours later.