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monday | 26.12.2005
After sleeping in for a good long while Sarah and I drove down to the lake to go for a walk for her, run for me. It's all a good laugh, except I manage to lose Sarah for a bit which makes me worry unduly for about fifteen minutes. Later we go to Art and Lorna's house for another shindig full of good cheer but can only stay for a wee while as we have to jet off to Toronto on the train again to meet Jennifer - another of Sarah's chums of old. After playing life catchup for a few hours while eating another Thai meal (woooh!) we go back to her apartment and continue our talking with a glass of wine. She's working with the Ballet company as an education and publicity officer, which sounds really good fun from her descriptions; she also does some cool sculpture in marble, and sandstone and we see the fruits of a short course on glass blowing that she did too.