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tuesday | 27.12.2005
Today was started with coffee and bagels - the best way to start a day in my opinion - and continued with cooking; Sarah and I were helping with the preparation of lunch as her granny was coming over. We made a turkey risotto and a goats cheese salad to go with it - it was a nice meal. In the afternoon We went to see the Catherine The Great exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario; a collection of items from the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg related to CtG. It was very busy and we had to queue for ages - a little over an hour - to get in, but there was some quite spectacular work on show, especially some of the busts by Falconet and Collet and a painting that had apparently hung in Walpole's office called "The Slaughter of the Innocents". By the time we both reached end of the exhibition we'd both reached our neo-classical threshold and bailed to get coffee. I think overall I actually preferred seeing all of the Henry Moore scultptures that were in the foyer as we queued to get into the exhibit - they were truly fantastic.