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end of the year
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end of the year
saturday | 31.12.2005
Ahh, new year's eve, the end of 2005, spent in good company. Sarah and I took the train through to see Sarah and Kyle at their condo and spend a wee bit there chatting and catching up before heading off to see Sue and Mark at their new home. They live in the most awesome apartment, it's created from a former bank and they have the best kitchen; it's the old vault. The door apparently weighs several tonnes and the walls are 3 feet thick. It was lovely to see Sue again and to meet her boyfriend Mark who's really nice. The evening was a fantastic party, we all got very drunk and chatted to the other people from the building who were in attendance - especially one of their neighbors John who brought his friend Patrick and his dog, Bear (see above). We chatted about this and that, wandered across the road to have a beer at a local pub over the road run by an Albanian guy - we get a free beer and prime pig snacks are out on the bar. John chats to the barmaid Lex and, after a couple, we head back over the road. It gets a bit hazy from this point on in, although I remember playing with the dog a lot and generally conversing drunkly to a myriad of folk. It was an excellent party. Thanks to Sue and Mark for letting us crash too!