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antler fur twigs
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antler fur twigs
monday | 9.1.2006
Wahhh! I had a scary dream in which Dracula was chasing me and some friends. We escaped into a small cottage in the woods and barred the door - only for him to pour in through it as smoke, paralysing us all with fear. I was blacking out - in the dream - when I managed to stuggle into movement and stuff him into the open fire. I announced his defeat when he suddenly rushed back out of the flames and bit my head off. Weird.

In the evening Sarah, Andrea (her student) and I had another semi-surreal experience, watching Shoot First - a programme of short films at the Filmhouse. It was the usual eclectic mix of awfulness with the occasional gem shining up through the large dollops of fecal matter. The highlight for me was As Angry as Me; a long - 31 min - short documentary about the band Selfish Cunt - a sort of post-punk art-noise thrash combo dressed in lacy frills and sequins and yelling into a mic about how shit the UK is - you couldn't make it up. I thought it was meant to be a comedy, but no, they are a real band with records and everything - it was hysterically funny and even more so in retrospect, knowing that the artists are being serious. One had to wonder who was taking the piss and conning the hipsters - the Filmhouse for showing it, the filmmaker for shooting it, or the band themselves; pretention at its highest level. The rest of the offerings were fairly forgetable student filmmaker stuff; one about a senile old bloke, another about a voyeuristic neighbour, and loads more that I can't be bothered describing.