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hill party
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hill party
sunday | 1.9.2002
Woooh, what a day... We met at Nic's and presented our gifts, then proceeded up Arthur's Seat, ending up sitting quite near the base after a very long romp around the surrounding hills, looking for Stephie and a decently flat and not wet seat. Food was great, an enormous selection of breads and spreads, very pleasant, the two cakes baked by Nic were also excellent as ever, one light victoria sponge, and a chocloate cake of infinite chocolatey doom. Frisbee was played for about 2hrs, involving more anitics than can be listed here, however there was one piece of comedy gold, when Keith ran into an enormous rock at knee height, making him frontflip into the grass, looking enormously painful, and yet being hilarious in a Beadle way. Shortly the party returned to Nicola's and we played Monkeyball for about 3-4hrs and ate more cake. When I finally got back I found that Bradlay has bought a new TV and an X-Box, which is great coz it means that I can have the old one. Rah! Graeme and I proceeded to play Battlefield 1942 until 7am. Fin.