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saturday | 15.4.2006
As a wee gathering at Rory's flat that lasted until about half three in the morning I woke feeling fairly rough this morning, but as we were planning a meal at Sarah's flat - a big roast ham, yummy - I had to rise up and get going. To clear the head I thought that a quick run was in order and charged around the meadows for about forty five minutes before heading back to the batcave to make some wonderfully buttery champ for the meal. When I got to the flat - slightly tardy, as ever - I was glad to see that the assembled guests were chatting happily and we were almost ready to tuck in. The meat hadn't yet been carved and, knowing the bluntness of their blades I had come prepared; I whisked out my well sharpened global knife and quickly sliced the delicious coca-cola cooked ham into generously thick pieces and served it up for all to eat. It was a simply fabulous meal and all involved deserve a hearty clap on the back and cries of well done all round.