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last night
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last night
sunday | 3.11.2002
The last hours of Rory's presidency of the Edinburgh University Film Society come to a close after a very successful year with him at the wheel. A good weekend in general, starting with DVD's at Neil's flat on Friday night, where I got to see Election again, followed by a Saturday spent shopping for a gift for Rory (we got him a bottle of McCallan 10yr Old) and ingredients for Sunday lunch. Sarah and I had sushi at Yo! where, incedentally, Mondays have become blue plate special days, all sushi £2 apparently. It was suprisingly good (the last few visits I've had were a bit iffy), especially the Salmon which was delicate and succulent. Later, after looking around many of the expensive shops on George Street (the shoes, the shoes...), I returned home to tidy my room for the Buffy and Angel marathon we had planned on Bradlay's office digital projector. Sarah, Rory, Nicola, Claire, James (Claire's BF visiting from Belfast, wearing a Broadcast T-shirt, instant kudos to him) and I watched five episodes of Buffy and one of Angel on the 3m x 2m screen, before our heads imploded and we went to our respective beds. Again an extremely pleasant evening. Sunday as ever was spent mostly doing film related things, although I did miss the Cameo double bill as I'd already seen The Royal Tenenbaums a week or so previously and the other film (Ivan's XTC) wasn't quite alluring enough. Singin' in the Rain, tonights screening, went well, and we were able to present Rory his gifts on stage with a minimum of embarassement and a maximum of applaud (standing ovation from one man). I was suprised at how much I liked the film, as in general I don't like musicals, but this is truly enjoyable, without descending into saccharine sweetness or too irritating musical numbers (although the whole of reel 5 could go without much of a problem...) After the screening we drank the sparkling white wine and went to Favorit to discuss the future of the film society. We are in real need of a president. Right, time to go to sleep, the HMO people are coming tommorrow and I want to be nice and fresh to see them and have time to remove some of the obvious fire risks...