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saturday | 30.11.2002
Friday was nice, Sarah and I went to a party at Amanda's (possibly the person with the most interesting dress sense in Filmsoc, and I mean that in an entirely positive manner) flat, which was great, mince pies and wine. Festive and pleasant. Saturday was spent wandering between flats, purchasing dinner (we made a delicate stir-fry) and watching Ghostworld before watching a concert by the New Edinburgh Orchestra, an amateur orchestra of local peeps. An interesting and mostly very good performance, with Matheson's The Shape of Things (premiere), Prokofiev's Concertino for Cello and Orchestra and Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 2 in C minor 'Little Russian'. The Matheson composition was new and interesting, but I do like my contempory classics... Then we went home, watched 12 Angry Men and ate some sushi that we picked up just before closing time at ScotMid. Who would have thought that smoked haddock sushi would be so good?