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Chez RockStar North
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Chez RockStar North
thursday | 5.12.2002
After an hours walk to Leith Links (no bus money) I got to the RockStar North offices fifteen minutes early and sat down to wait for my interview. I was immediately pleased to see that my attire (Wheat coloured trousers and a turtleneck) was suitable, as the interviewers, Craig and Neil, were both dressed in jeans and such making me comfortable about not wearing a suit and tie.

The interview itself was fun, essentially chatting to the guys about my gaming preferences, and telling them what I though were the pros and cons of various pieces of recreational software that I'd played recently. After continuing to natter for a while the interview ended and I left, feeling happy, a strange experience, enjoying an interview for it's content rather than just because you think it's gone well (although I think it did). The only thing I regret is not asking to have a look around the place whilst I was there so that I could have seen the people who created GTA:Vice City and also so I could have taken a more interesting photo than the doormat...

I popped in at Sarah's flat on the way home and we spent the rest of the day doing filmsoc magazine stuff, before I helped to teach her how to do simple HTML so she can make a website to help her students with essay writing. We then went and watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which was a load of arse (I had to watch, I was helping to run the screening). It's funny for about the first half hour until it tries to have a semblance of a plot, if it was just a load of aimless running jokes it would have been so much better. Ahh, well, at least Kevin Smith should be moving on to something a little different now...