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disco inferno
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disco inferno
saturday | 7.12.2002
Good grief, what a day. Firstly I went and picked up my pictures (which were incedentally rather good, the quality was excellent, as they don't digitally print, but project to paper like normal photographs) and then went back home to meet Brad. Upon arriving I recieved word from Neal that he had been told by a friend that he'd got the Rockstar North job, and that he feared that we hadn't. Bugger, I thought, and so decided to meet Mr Corbett for lunch. I'd just eated an excellent breakfast of sweet scrambled eggs (with cinnamon and nutmeg, do try it) and so said we should go for coffee instead. We met in Analogue and after buying a Christmas prezzie or two we left for the Elephant house, where we both neurosed about the job. I also talked to Jane, who is thinking of taking a PhD down south next year in some truly interesting sounding subjects (all to do with genetics).

Later on I met the delightful Miss Artt at the Cameo and watched Francois Oizon's 8 Women, quite the best movie I've seen in ages. A darkly comic musical set at Christmas in a 1950's(?) country retreat, Father has been murdered, and one of the collection of eight ladies, ranging from his daughter Catherine, an intrepid Blyton style detective tomboy, to Louise the maid, whose services don't stop at the cleaning. A genuinely different and refreshing film, I loved it.

In the evening we went to Neil (Chue-Hong, not Corbett) and Nic's flat for the "Geek Meet", and spent 3 hours playing various games on the filmsoc data projector. It was neat.

Upon returning home I was suprised to see Graeme up and heading out. Upon enquiry he announced that the Cowgate was on fire, and that the whole of the Old Town was in danger of burning. Looking out of the kitchen window confirmed it, the plumes of dark smoke could easily be seen, obscuring the city and blanketing the sky. Although I didn't go and take photo's (I'm not a journo yet...) you can go here and look at some interesting pictures taken by a guy from the ed.general newsgroup. It was odd to think that if we'd been at the Blue Note tonight, we would have been evacuated rather than having an evening of jazz.