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monday | 9.12.2002
There should be a more active and happy picture for today because I got the job! Yes kiddies, I am now (well, once I sign the contract) a proud employee of Rockstar North, the company that bought you GTA3 and GTA Vice City. So. So. Happy. I can overlook the fact that the Belle Angele and numerous other clubs were incinerated over the weekend, and embark on a trip of gainful employment starting on monday. I was so pleased when James from Progressive called, over the weekend I'd all but convinced myself that I hadn't got the job, and was fretting massively, but now I feel the tension has evaporated. Nice.

Filmsoc was fun as we sorted out this years secret Santa for which I need to get a present for the princely sum of £3. I also took pics of all of the committee (I think...), take a look here.