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tuesday | 10.12.2002
Wahay! A slinky as one of my presents from Sarah, along with some other less exciting, but more useful things. We decided, as we will be apart for Christmas itself, to have a small present swap this morning before going shopping for tomorrows party.

Electricity woes were reinstated today, Npower decided that they really want £145 as our final bill, even though we've repeatedly told them that we need all the money that we've paid them returned due to them foolishly signing us up, when in actuality they had no right to do so. Argh! I wouldn't mind if I could actually talk to someone at Npower about it, they're desparately shit at customer relations and seem to be incapable of working out anything. Very annoying.

Oooh, I must regain some composture, anyway download some fine slinky based wallpapers
Slinky 1(JPG, 1600x1200, 300K)
Slinky 2(JPG, 1600x1200, 300K)