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thursday | 12.12.2002
Wurgle... Hangover... Errghhh...

Too much Pimms Royale and snack biscuits makes me feel somewhat unwell the next day, but after a baked potato and a glass of Irn-Bru (the essential hangover remedy) I felt well enough to take some pictures of the fire damaged Cowgate, get my Secret Santa gift (I got a book from Nic, Nic got a package of deluxe white hot chocolate from me) and go to the FilmSoc meal, an eat-as-much-as-you-can buffet at China-China. The meal was pretty good, although the food was a bit too greasy, but I had a good time eating the garlic-prawns and the japanese pears. Only shame was that Sarah was unable to stay for the meal, having booked a meal with Alex, after all he's only here for 2 days. They went to Creelers (a seafood restaurant) and had a much more expensive, but much better meal. Later on we went to the Standing Order for a few drinks, before I went home and everyone else went to Niko's for cocktails.

Meal photos are here, too much food, too much funny.