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thursday | 6.2.2003
Time to make an apologetic announcement for the lack of updates, as I have been very busy and without a camera this page has been neglected a lot, but I hope to update it at least once a week until the camera returns. My camera will go to the Canon repair center today, and thus will be fixed soon and this page will be updated. The last month has been nice, things have returned to the daily grind (well, if playing games all day is a grind...) It's lovely to have Sarah back and the return to Filmsoc nights is great too. I just had the HMO inspection for the flat (I had to take the afternoon off from work because of it) and now actually have a little time to do stuff, so I get to phone Npower who have still not returned our cash, although they have admitted that they owe it to us. Unfortunately its only a little more than half of the owed bill to Scottish Power, so there will still be some significant repayment required.

In other news I am looking forward to seeing Amon Tobin in a couple of weeks, also to the LOTR drinking game at Stephs on friday night, the refreshers ball on Saturday night, and obviously umpteen movies before too long. Neat.