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sunday | 27.4.2003
Ye gods, I woke today feeling quite pissed, and then over the course of the day descended into extreme hangover! We (being Sarah and I) tried to go to the double bill at the Cameo, but it was sold out, so we just watched American Pie 2 (at just about my mental level this morning) and Big Trouble in Little China (really really awful, even worse than I remembered it, but so tackily bad at time it was still quite fun). We finished up by watching most of season 1 of Spaced, which is still brilliant. Then I went to bed.
Todays image was generated by some little flash applet someone on SA had posted, a nice little South Park character generator. Nice idea, but could, IMO be done better with a hectic (and probably messy) DIV based page and lots of transparent overlayed GIFs.