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thursday | 1.5.2003
Another wet one. After returning home after walking Sarah to work, I went and voted where I met Steph and remembered that most of FS were going to see X2 tonight (I had forgotten to request a ticket), so I walked to the Odeon, expecting it to be sold out, but no, they actually still had tickets, but I had forgotten my wallet, doh. So I went home and tried to use the Odeon Online ordering system (which didn't work) before going all the way back to the Odeon and actually getting my ticket. It'll be funny if they do actually shut the Odeon, I really can't imagine any other theatre that will be as good for seeing premieres. Where else has cherubs and stars in the ceiling?

X-men 2 itself was an excellent sequel, managing to hold onto the style of the first movie without having to duplicate too much of it's content, meaning that you end up with a very enjoyable movie. There were some brilliant special effects and good acting from Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, with nicely hammy performances from the supporting cast (what do you expect? It's a comic book adaptation) especially the excellently eyebrowed Hugh Jackman, the demonic looking Alan Cumming and Brian Cox making an excellent bad guy military scientist bloke. Overall, I think I enjoyed it as much as the first film, although this time it feels more epic, and more well rounded from a plot perspective, definitely worth the price of the ticket.

After our brief brush with the X-men we went to the Pear Tree for a couple of drinks and were lucky enough to witness some poor sod trying to drink a yard of ale. Only a small portion of the yard ended up in his mouth, and immediately after finishing it he had to dive toward the toilets, alas too late, spraying beery vomit all over the stairs. Yum.