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saturday | 1.11.2003
A saturday of doing stuff, Sarah and I both had a large whack of crap to do and so separated to perfom the tasks that we'd been putting off for a while. At about 8pm I went over to her flat and we ate some chicken in a dill sauce (which was delicious) on a bed of wild rice, then finished dinner off with cheese accompanied by red wine while watching some channel four documentary about the Harem of the Ottomans and the part that women had to play, as the power behind the throne. It was fairly interesting, and managed to debunk a large number of preconcieved ideas most people have about Harems, especially those that say it was a raucous pleasure pit for the sultans, and made it seem more like a training ground for suitable mothers for princes of the future. After that we watched Ma femme est une Actrice, a little romantic comedy, shot in a very post Allen way. It features our hero, Yvan Attal (the director / writer) and his neurosies about his wife's (Charlotte Gainsbourg, his wife in real life) onscreen infidelity with Terrance Stamp. Not fantastic or original, but at least quite watchable.