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saturday | 22.11.2003
Bananas will never seem the same again, we just watched The Gang's All Here, a somewhat propaganda laden 40's musical with Carmen Miranda doing an intensely fruit dance with a few thousand of my favourite fruit. You have to see it to believe it, but if I tell you it's a early Technicolor Busby Berkeley movie, with ridiculous musical numbers with the Benny Goodman orchestra, you'll either be very confused, or sort-of get the picture.

We had a pot luck dinner at Neil's flat (where we watched the above) which, unfortunately, I wasn't able to appreciate due to a sudden bout of nausea which held me in it's thrall for the entire evening. I wasn't any of the food brought to the party as nobody else was off colour (unless I have a phantom allergy), but I suspect that I may have ingested something nasty while we were cleaning the kitchen ealier in the day. Thanks to Neil, Nic and Keith for hosting another fine video night.