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changing faces
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changing faces
friday | 5.12.2003
After a mere 4 hours sleep I rose to meet Sarah and go and see The Shape of Things at the Filmhouse. I'm not sure if I really enjoyed it, much like one of La'Bute's previous films, The Company of Men which looked at two men destroying a woman through insincere seduction. Both films have a similar theme of people being quite horrible to one another for somewhat trivial reasons.

The Shape of Things tells us the story of a geeky young man (a podgy Paul Rudd) who is picked up by an attractive art student (a bohemian Rachel Weisz) who then proceeds to mould him into someone else. He becomes someone more attractive, more confident and far less likeable. The ending is fairly obvious, although I shan't repeat it here for fear of spoiling it, but rest assureed that it delivers a full and vicious payload. The acting is very stylised, either meant to be very stagey (it is coming directly from La'Bute's play) or it may have just been a bit crap, nevertheless it was entertaining. I think it works quite well as a male Sap-o-Meter, the longer it takes you to guess the twist, the more naive and romantic you are. It took me ages...