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a long day
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a long day
thursday | 11.12.2003
Today kicked off early with a screening of Good Boy!; a movie about one boy and his dog from outer space. I was the only attendee of the press screening and don't want to talk about it, but you can read my review here when it gets uploaded.

Immediately after the film finished I rushed to Chocolate Soup on Hunter Square to meet with Neil, Beddoes and Jim, and we spent the day mooching around town, looking for presents and such. This ended later than I had expected and I ended up missing the Filmsoc screening of Scrooged and instead went home to write a review. I was amazed at how easily the bile spewed forth upon the page as I churned out my review of Good Boy, I suppose that all the positive writing for Filmsoc has simply meant that I have pent up film hate to vent...

By and by I went to Sarah's flat to help prepare for the party there tonight, I made some mackerel pate and hacked a loaf into bite sized chunks. No sooner had I done so did the first guests arrive, and we entered into a maelstrom of Pimms Royale and five layer dip, ending up sitting around jabbering about this and that, with particular focus on the screening that I missed. Apparently Bill Murray still has the magic and over 150 people came along, although I'll admit, the free mulled wine and mince pies were probably quite a draw...