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friday | 12.12.2003
Mmmm, cinema, quiz and meal out, a good day to chill before tommorrows Ultralounge.

We went to see Thirteen at the Filmhouse, it was similar in style and tone to Larry Clarke's Kids, although it wasn't quite as brutally uncomprimising. It relays the story of a young girl becoming transfixed by the idea of being cool by association; she becomes friends with one of the most adulated girls at school, getting into the usual bad habits: drugs, sex and piercings. Although it is excellently acted, Holly Hunter as the worried mother is particularly good, the story feels a little too girl-gone-wild for plausibility and the reasons for her hatred of her parents are a little too obvious, making the film seem slightly contrived. Nevertheless, a quality film.

After a brief trip to Steph and Claire's flat to grab them, we went to Teviot for their Christmas quiz. We played valiantly, but still lost by two points. Humbug. However we then went to Monster Mash for a slap up feed as the Beano would have put it. I had their mediterranean sausage with champ and onion gravy, it was quite delicious and was presented in proper beano style; a mountain of taters with the sausage stuck in at a rakish angle.