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saturday | 13.12.2003
It's saturday night, and that means it's Ultralounge. Yes, Jonathans alcohol fuelled evening of merriment returns again to destroy my liver in shot glass sized helpings. Once again a great time was had by all, and many new cocktails were invented. I myself am credited with:
Carpet Cleaner
1 measure Gin,
1 measure Vodka,
1 measure Amaretto,
Sugar syrup,

Fill a short glass with ice, add the gin, vodka and amaretto, add sugar syrup to taste. Now stir until homogenous. Fairly harsh but full of flavour, created when trying to make a Russian, but I was lacking in creme de cacao (addition of which makes this drink even better) and had to improvise with amaretto instead.


False Absinthe
1 measure midori,
1 measure gin,
Hefty dash angostora bitters,
Soda water,

Fill a tall glass with ice and add all ingredients, stir then strain into a martini glass. Flavour is similar to that of a watered back absinthe, reminicent of sweet shops.