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wednesday | 17.12.2003
A busy, busy day. I went to Dalkeith in the morning to deliver the Filmsoc magazine to the printers, unfortunately I got on the wrong number 49 bus and ended up in Danderhall rather than Dalkeith. However I had the Paul Auster book, Leviathan, I'm reading at the moment and Mike and Rich in my CD player. This meant that I felt like a tit, and wasted an hour, but no harm was done. At the printers there was a horrible two minutes where I they couldn't read the CD with the magazine on it (heart-in-my-mouth moment), but fortunately it was a problem with their Mac. They also had some trouble with some of the fonts, but I was assured that that the had them somewhere. If they'd upgrade to OSX they could use the TTF versions of the fonts that I have and there wouldn't be any trouble at all.

After racing back home I met with my lovely flatmates and we went off to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King at the Warner Village cinema. It was pretty much what I'd expected, high production values, excellent CGI and sound, but definitely lacking somewhere; it's on par with the second movie, but the first film is still by far the best. Still, well worth watching to see the point where Frodo's heart breaks when Sam says that he's in love with Rosie...

After the 200 minutes of middle-earth action, I met with Neil, Beddoes and Jim for some pre-Christmas drinking and to generally chat about this and that. Most talk was work related stuff, but we also got onto the subject of painful injuries and Jim's belief that there are wolves in the Highlands. Neat.