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Winner is me (well almost)
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Winner is me (well almost)
thursday | 18.12.2003
Woo! I got a Highly Commended award from the Guardian today for the Use of Photos and Design of my page in their BLOG awards!

Naturally I was well chuffed, until my page fell over from all of the hits! However I've now upgraded my hosting and you can find me at, a nice and easy to remember URL. Thanks to everyone at the Guardian for picking my site, and even more for helping me upgrade my hosting so that I can continue to run this page!

As for the real world, once I'd managed to sort out the site and register the domain I toddled down to the shops to buy some last minute gifts and to see Russell at Analogue to wish him a happy Christmas. In the evening I went to Neil, Keith and Nic's flat for some mulled pies and minced wine with a group of people of good cheer. Much fun was had, deep thanks go to Neil and Nic for cooking up such a sumptuous selection of drinks and nibbles.