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friday | 19.12.2003
Last day in Edinburgh before setting off home, I've packed my bags, and been out for a nice meal with my flatmates where we exchanged our gifts. Bradlay got me a Designers Republic T-shirt and a game for Graeme who got me and Brad a remote control Back to the Future Delorean each. I got Brad a DJ Yoda CD and the Chris Cunningham DVD, and Graeme a string of chilli lights for his room. We went to Monster Mash for our meal, and even got to read the dandy while waiting for our food to arrive. Very satisfying.

I also went and looked at various bits of MP3 jukebox technology at John Lewis today. From an aesthetic viewpoint Apple's 40gb iPod can't be beaten, however the Creative Zen NX Xtra is £100 quid cheaper (which would pay for a pair of Shure E2's), has a 60gb hard-disk and apparently the sound quality is better too. Arrgghhh, what to get? Every time I see a new review I swing back and forth between them but I can't seem to make up my mind, the iPod is so, so nice and easy to use. Brad says that I should wait for the Macworld Expo just after Christmas for a price drop or new announcement. We'll see...