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tuesday | 23.12.2003
Christmas preparations got into full swing today, we picked up the goose and the turkey from the market along with a whole host of other delicious savoury items. After returning home and unpacking we, being Fred, Father and I, set off again, this time with the trailer in tow, full of rubbish to go down to the refuse centre (the tip). We then began our yearly desparate search for a suitable Christmas tree, which we had obviously left too late for comfort. We needed a tree at least 12ft tall, with a fine array of foliage, something hard to come by at 4pm on Dec 23rd. We first tried Percy Thrower's garden centre only to be dismayed at their piddling little trees for big bucks (although they did say we could get it cheaper if we called back tomorrow), then we went on a very a long tortuous drive around Bayston Hill looking for a seemingly non-existant tree emporium, before turning home and visiting Dobbies garden centre. They wanted £62 for a fairly cruddy tree and wouldn't even offer us a late purchase discount; quite what they'll do with the remaining trees is beyond my ken. Finally, on the way home, we stopped at a farm about 5 minutes up the road from home, they did have a tree, a spanking 14 footer at a vastly reduced price. All at once great that we got it, and yet annoying that we didn't check there first...