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saturday | 27.12.2003
An outing with the local boys to the local: The Yorkshire House, your traditional, no-nonsense pub. Smoke filled and low ceilinged we filed in for a few drinks and the chance to catch up on the gossip of the last couple of years. The assembled cast included: Jaime (now on JET in Okinawa), Alec (nursing in Shrewsbury), Tom (at Thames Water in London), Sven (making sandwiches in Shrews), Phil (CompSci at Warwick), Dave P (office work in Shrews, soon to be doing English Lit up north somewhere), Jess (foundation art at SCAT), Arthur (still at Sony in London) and Mary (has started her law degree). It was really interesting to see how people have been getting along over the last two years since I was last home long enough to see them. I would go into it in depth here, but I doubt it would be interesting to anyone but me, so I shan't. After a while we headed to the OPO for a couple more bevvies before closing time. Arthur drove us home in his siters scary yellow metro where we all had tea and continued to chat for a couple of hours before they left and Sarah and I went to bed.