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candy kills
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candy kills
sunday | 1.2.2004
Oooh, a day of documentary action. The Cameo double bill was Etre et Avoir and Spellbound, both of which are excellent. EeA is the story of a school in rural France with one teacher and only ten pupils; it's a closeup look at their daily routines and the social isolation of life in the middle of nowhere; it's utterly fascinating, a bit sentimental at times but still very good. Spellbound is just incredible. It's the story of the US National Spelling Bee, focusing on the contestants and their families through all the stresses and strains through which they go on their way to being able to spell words like Hellebore, Dysfunctional and Omlette correctly. It sounds like cinematic torture, but the handling is so sharp that you are glued to the seat from the beginning, where you see the children and their parents at home, frantically trying to digest dictionaries, to the end where the kids are on stage in the knockout spellathon. So much more fun than it sounds.

Filmsoc showed Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham tonight; it's 3.5 hours long and we sold snacks in the interval so I took some pictures. You can download this picture as wallpaper here.