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old school and rubble
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old school and rubble
friday | 3.12.2004
Nicola and Heather held a cosy video night at their flat this evening, Sarah and I went along and partook of some of their excellent chocolate and ginger biscuits and watched two quite different films. The first was Once Upon a Honeymoon - a Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers vehicle with a world war two spyplay twist - that was quite enjoyable, even with the prospect of hilarious concentration camp hi-jinks (I kid you not). The second was the classic Mel Brooks movie: The Producers in which Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder run a scam trying to produce the most dismal broadway play ever - Springtime for Hitler - so that it will flop after one performance allowing them to thieve all the capital. Mostel and Wilder are still fantastic, as is the musical number at the start of Springtime..., however the end is too drawn out, and Hitler (Dick Shawn) and Franz Liebkind (Ken Mars) just aren't that funny after the first couple of scenes. Still, it's worth it for the dance routine and the old lady seductions by Mostel. Many thanks to Nic and Heather for hosting, it was great fun.