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saturday | 4.12.2004
Another Saturday spent trying to find those special gifts for family and such, although mostly for Sarah so I went with Brad today. We had a pleasant day without actually getting too much done, before I returned home so that I could go out with Sarah. After dinner at the Apartment (asparagus salad, nice) we watched I Heart Huckabees. Jason Schwartzmann is lost in the world unsure of the meaning of his life and what he should do with it, fighting the evils of the Huckabees Corporation and planting trees in parking lots. He visits Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffmann, a couple who offer existential detective services, and attempts to work out what it's all about. It sounds like a load of pretentious crap, but fortunately it works on a higher level, satirising low-brow philosophy and the general searching for answers crap that most movies (i.e. Waking Life) like this seem to get tangled up in. Sarah and I both really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Adaptation or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. After watching it we were enthused by the Cameo's late night screenings and went to see Napoleon Dynamite, a movie about an uber-geek in a small town in america. It was simultaneously depressing and weird and I think if it was meant to be overtly funny then it failed, however it had a kind of general comedy aura that worked nicely, especially with the final dance scene, which was proper hoo-la-rious. Sort of a deadpan revenge-of-the-nerds for the early 21st century.