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friday | 1.4.2005
Tonight saw the advent of the awesome Pirate Party! Sarah and I went along and enjoyed several excellent breakbeat sea shanties by Frog Pocket and other assorted DJs, although annoyingly we arrived too late to catch Greenbank's set which apparently included Pete's new version of his telephone track. Afterwards Sarah and I wandered over to the Filmhouse for Secret Cinema which showed some of the best and yet worst of its programming. Rather than a film we saw two of the late Bill Hicks' comedy sets: Relentless and Revelations. Both of them are excellent stand up shows, showing Hicks at his acerbic best: scathingly assaulting the US and it's more mindless inhabitants - mainly the politicians - and humanity's general misconceptions. Seeing the two back to back highlighted how talented the man was - although there was quite a bit of repeated material - but it isn't what Secret Cinema should be about; these are mainstream, easy to acquire sets that more than half of the audience appeared to have already seen - a very safe option. It doesn't detract from the enjoyment that they imparted (I still found them hilarious and curse the fact that Hicks died of pancreatic cancer shortly afterwards) but I felt a little shortchanged and unchallenged by them.